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Evan Luthra

AlfProtocol Lead Advisor
Evan is Forbes 30 under 30 winner, at 27 years old he has an already impressive resume and career history.
Over the past five years, Evan has built and invested in over 300 companies across several verticals.
Evan is also a well known influencer with millions of followers across various Social Media platforms and have been featured on multiple TV shows and press sites.
Evan is an accredited Angel investor and invests in a variety of digital projects and businesses.
Luthra is also a featured speaker at several universities around the globe, having taken centre stage at the United Nations, Google, Nielsen, Delhi University, Washington State University, and more.
Evan believes in in stepping out of the comfort zone and exploring the power of conceptualization, innovation and execution.

Alfprotocol team

Matas Sauciunas

Chief Executive Officer
8 years of financial markets trading, business development & capital management experience, 5+ years of cryptocurrency trading and portfolio management experience.

Gintautas Kisonas

Chief Technology Officer
15 years in software development, 5+ in software architecture and management
Bank of Lithuania/ Baltic amadeus/ Lympo/ Adform/ Bentley system/

Karolis Supikas

Chief Marketing Officer
5+ years in marketing & sales, 2+ years in investments & investor relations
Kilo health/ Invest Lithuania/ Lewben group/ Novus asset Management/

Andzelika Kondrakova

Community Manager
More than 3 years of social media management experience. Experience in public communication within the Blockchain subject.

Ugne Kereisyte

Growth Manager
Over 2 years of experience in investors relations management, communication and sales.

Backed by

There are four sources of yield in Alf:

Interest rate paid by the borrowers who need short-term access to liquidity (this notion also includes arbitrageurs and other users of the flash loan functionality).
Leveraged protocol profit fee on auto-compounded yield rewards
Trading fees from AlfMM, the internal AMM DEX solution.
And token incentives nominated in the platform token (ALF), paid to incentivize liquidity provision in certain pools.

All of the components are fairly standard and represent well-known primitives:

  • Liquidity pools
  • Lending module
  • Constant-product AMM
  • DAO contracts

The future-proof flexibility is achieved by uncoupling the key components through standardized interfaces that allow enabling and disabling modules at discretion of the team and, later, the protocol DAO.

Alfa Homora
Leveraged yield farming positions
Up to 9x without platform token staking
Up to 200x leverage (if liquidity is sufficient)
Yield optimization
W/o leverage
Access to Solana liquidity
W/o leverage
W/o leverage
Multi-asset collateral
Partially compatible
Flash loan revenue for LPs

The basic risk framework of leveraged liquidity provision on AMMs is between trading volume (the amount of capital traded through the AMM pair within a time frame) and price movements (the maximal difference between quote prices on a given pair within a time frame).

Constant-product AMMs suffer from what is called impermanent loss,— a loss that liquidity providers make when the quote price diverges from the one when they entered their position. When prices diverge, impermanent loss starts to accrue, which is amplified with leverage for a leveraged position, until the position is exited, de-leveraged, or liquidated.

Another solution (offered by Alf) would be to shift the borrowed capital into other types of positions when the market is moving, or automatically exit the position before a loss can grow out of proportion. This is maintained through oracle connections (to monitor prices on external markets and compare them with the AMM prices) and a flexible pool of alternative strategies that the risk-seeking investors can subscribe to.

For select position types, Alf enables additional collateralization of leveraged positions with assets that are not entered into the position itself.

To provide margin, Alf borrows either LP tokens, or underlyings, of the targeted positions, primarily using its own internal liquidity pools (built by AlfMM and the lending solution). But in addition, Alf can tap into external liquidity of overcollateralized lending solutions (such as Solaris), offering the users to provide collateral in additional assets (that are used to collateralize these external borrowing positions).

Frequently Asked Questions

We choose Solana because of these few reasons: 

1) It’s super fast and the transactions are super cheap.

2) We personally love seeing how quickly the whole ecosystem around the Solana is being built. A lot of great projects are choosing Solana, and Alfprotocol is one of them!

3) Solana is getting a lot of institutional attention, more and more developers are moving to the Solana blockchain which simply confirms, that Solana is a great place to build and grow the future projects of DeFi. 

The whole team of the Alfprotocol holds over 12 years of combined experience in the financial markets & cryptocurrencies. Our CEO Matt comes from 8 years of financial markets trading, private capital management, and over 4 years of experience within the crypto space investments. Our CTO Gintautas holds over 10 years of blockchain architecture and development experience. Our marketing and community managers hold over 5 years of marketing and sales experience. 

We are already seeing some fake emails being created with our name. These are the ONLY official emails that you can contact and the ONLY emails that are 100% legit:

General Questions & Partnerships: [email protected]

Media Related: [email protected] 

Investments: [email protected] 

Pre-IDO Token Distribution: [email protected]

Staking dAPp: [email protected]

We aim to have the MVP version of the protocol ready by the end of June 2022 and a fully working and fully developed protocol in Q3, 2022.

Alfprotocol public IDO will take place on June 14-15. More information about the Public IDO can be found here.

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